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Property Wide Wifi6

Wifi is the #1 amenity sought by residents. Property-wide WiFi6 provides instant connectivity for all of your residents' network enabled devices. No longer let the ISP sell to your residents. Capitalize on providing your own building wide internet services.

Seamless Roaming

With seamless roaming, your residents can move throughout the property while staying connected to multiple wireless access points. From the lobby to the pool to their own kitchen, devices remain connected without any service interruption.

Revenue Generating Add-Ons

Increase NOI with software add-ons that boost resident satisfacton and improve your brand loyalty. Offering dynamic bandwidth, tiered bandwidth levels, VPN, remote control of IoT devices, splash ads, analytics and chatbots.

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It's a fast-paced world

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The world is ever changing. And quickly! To stay ahead of the curve we have to be nimble enough to change with it. People have more devices and more ways to connect to the network now more than ever. In years past, property owners reacted to such growth by adding more physical devices to the network and buying additional, high cost circuits. At the rate at which devices are being introduced into our living ecosystems, that model is no longer sustainable. The solution to the problem is property-wide coverage and network automation, a.k.a. network programmability or Software Defined Networking (SDN). Think about your residents, your employees and even yourself. How many different ways do you need to connect to the internet? From mobile phones to tablets, laptops, virtual assistants like Alexa, smart devices like Nest and Ring, to the lobby, the rooftop bar, conference rooms and the business center. Soon enough we'll be summoning our self-driving cars to meet us out front in two minutes. The point is, devices need to connect. They need reliable, consistent, secure, property-wide connectivity. TrailSix partners with leading vendors like Cisco and AWS to provide WiFi6 and cloud technologies for your Multifamily properties. As an Independent Software Vendor, TrailSix develops cutting edge software that can easily be subscribed to by your residents as add-ons to the WiFi6 amenity. As a property owner that can significantly incrase your monthly bottom line.

Digital Transformation is the term used to describe moving from the old, reactive, clunky way of doing things to a much more proactive, programmable network. If you're willing to evolve and digitally transform your property than the benefits will be substantial. Partner with TrailSix and your residents will be boasting about your property's advanced technologies, agility, flexibility and scalability.

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